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Primary School

Counting objects, inside and outside, longer and shorter, letter names, rhyming words, and more.

Middle School

Transformation time. Physical, Emotional and Educational changes for students to prepare for the next level.

High School

Earnings potential, Employability potential, Advancement, Satisfaction. Turning into role models


The Mount Mercy School, in its pursuit of wholesome education, envisages inspiring and developing a community of caring, progressive, and lifelong achievers, who know that success is more than just academics; it is the personal, emotional, and spiritual growth of the human being.



MMS strives to imbibe “Empowerment through knowledge” at the core of every student’s life and learning at our school. Students and Staff at MMS live in a community that are forward thinkers, while incorporating traditions, values and culture; fast-paced and future centric in evolution and infrastructure, while still being nurturing and loving; providing a sense of family and home, and a love for life and learning.

MMS teaches from a secular perspective believing in the values of equality, respect for all faiths and creeds and social justice. Instilling in the child a love for worship, prayer and respect for all communities and nations with the focus on bringing a positive change in the society.

Qualified teachers, in all subjects, provide a wide range of information, not only from textbooks but from research and training in their areas of expertise. Focused attention is given to each individual. It is at the very core of the mission at MMS to inspire a love of learning in the student so that they can nurture and grow with confidence and initiative. Students are encouraged to ask questions, be curious, be creative, and to take responsibility and accountability for their own learning and growth.

Upcoming Events


Bakrid (Idul Azha)

12:00 am - 11:59 pm


12:00 am - 11:59 pm

Independence Day

12:00 am - 11:59 pm

Krishna Jayanthi

12:00 am - 11:59 pm

What Teachers Say

  • My experience as high school teacher in Mount Mercy School is great, we have committed and qualified colleagues and, astounding administration. The school is headed by Mrs.Amtul Hai Fatima, a dynamic principal Madam with her novel and progressive educational ideas, Extremely capable Director sir and the management.The infrastructure of the school is excellent with stress free environment for the students. It has the history of serving the community in educational field since 2 decades. The school has effectively outperformed Hyderabad flood and Coronavirus with undefining strength just to arise as a pioneer. The management has kept up with transperancy by selecting parents’council which go about as a scaffold between the board and parents. Many extra curricular activities are conducted along with academic for the overall development of students.The school has the track record of not only offering education on affordable fee structure but also serving community in distress by doing philanthropic work like offering monetary support to Ayahs, full sponsorship to under privileged and deserving students, distrubution of provision kits and many more.

    Department of English - MMS
  • I was very excited to restart my career at Mount Mercy school which has provided me with a highly professional work environment. Soon I fell in love with the culture of valuing each and every staff member and reacting them with dignity and warmth. The values we would love to instill in our children at Mount Mercy are strongly rooted in our hearts by our heads which we model them to our children. I could see myself as a passionate learner with new opportunities to learn each and every day. The unconditional love that children shower in the air, the beautiful, clean and spacious classrooms and best practices make me feel fortunate motivated and excited at work. I feel blessed to have finally found a job that I love and hope that I am a part of this wonderful family for many more years to come.

    Fatima Sayeed
    Social Studies coordinator - Mount Mercy School
  • I started my journey with Mount Mercy School 7 years baack. The day I stepped in, I made it my second home. I was so comfortable with the surrounding atmosphere. With the guidance of Director Sir, understanding and support of Principal Ma’am I was able to work light heartedly. The teachers and admin staff are co-operative in every aspect. The best part is that my children love me and they want me as their teacher. I hope to continue…

    Fouzia Zahoor
    English Teacher - Mounnt Mercy School